Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Birthday Party, and Other Things

I'm not sure who was anticipating Stephen's birthday more, him, or me. :)  This was the first year since we've been married that we've been home for his birthday.  The first year we were down at the coast singing with his family, the second year we were in Texas. 
I was determined that he would have a really awesome party this year! I started planning it before Jasmine was born because I knew with two little ones, everything would take a lot more time....and it did! :)
Our guest lists was relatively small, just a few of his brothers and friends.  It's fun having a smaller group in a party, things feel more cohesive and intimate.  That, and, as it was, we barely had enough room at the table for everyone, meaning things were just nicely cozy! :P
I had planned out every day this week to do a little bit to get ready, so that I wasn't panicking on the last day.  My wonderful mother-in-law offered to look after Ian whenever I needed it this week, so I dropped him off there on the day that I did all my shopping and cleaning for the party.
On the day of, (yesterday) I put together all the food, made the cake, finished decorating, and of course, had the party!  
This was the first time I've done a party in a long time, and the very first time doing anything like this with two babies.  There were definitely some "moments" during the day, you know, the kind where both children are crying, everything's a mess, and you think that maybe you bit off more than you could chew.  But things really did come together, the party was a success, Stephen had a good birthday, and a good time was had by all. :)
I took several picture throughout the night, but photography was not my gift last night, so I'll only share a few that turned out okay. :P

I just finished making the chalkboard in the center a few days ago, it was such a fun and relatively easy project!  I saw the idea on Pinterest and thought I'd try it out.  I love it when things turn out the way they're supposed to. :)  Once I hung it up on the wall, it looked really sad, one little frame on the whole big wall, so I got a few other things together to make a bit of an eclectic collection.  I can definitely still add to it, but it did the trick. :) 

 Coffee with tea lights - love the idea, finally did it!
And I loved the way the jelly bellies looked in the centre, the splash of colors was so fun!

 And I did my first cheese fondue - soooooo yummy!  And easy too!  I have to say, fondue is such a perfect party opener and appetizer.  It's just fun to eat, and fun to sit around a table, on the floor, on chairs, on couches, and eat together!

I got this cake recipe from Pinterest also. (can you tell it's my new favorite place on the internet?! :P)  It's a chocolate, peanut butter cup cake.  Soooo rich and yummy!  It was so much fun to make!  You can't go wrong when you melt dark chocolate, pour it all over the cake and then proceed to completely cover it in peanut butter cups! :)


  1. I LOVE the chalkboard collection, it looks fantastic. And everything else looks great, sounds like a wonderful party!
    You're incredible to plan, host, and prepare a party when Jasmine isn't even a month old!

  2. that cake looks deadly!! and delicious! Pinterest seems like a pretty awesome place :)