Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ian Arthur Luke

As I sit here in the quiet, dimly lit room, I hold in my arms the most beautiful baby boy. His name is Ian. And he's mine. Mine and Stephen's. It's hard to believe that just eight days ago we were saying to ourselves, "I think tonight's the night! I think we'll be going to the hospital!" After two other nights of hopes being raised only to be dashed the next morning with nothing happening, last Monday evening (and a very early Tuesday morning!) it was "the time!"

Ian was born last Tuesday morning at 5:17am after about 5 1/2 hours of labor. I won't go into details, as I know what it's like to be on the receiving end of a labor story that you didn't exactly ask for. :P But it was a truly incredible experience! To finally get to hold my little boy in my arms after holding him inside for 9 months, to hear his little cry, see his eyes, his perfect fingers and toes. It brought tears to my eyes as I held him minutes after he came into the world, to see how perfectly formed he was, and yet so incredibly tiny!

I had to stay in the hospital for about a day and a half after the birth, so I was so thankful that we had asked for a private room. It meant Stephen could be there the whole time, and it made it so much easier to entertain all the visitors we had! :P I have to admit, I've always thought it would be fun to be in the hospital for some reason, and have lots of people visit me, and bring flowers and all that fun stuff. I never wanted it to be a terribly serious reason to be in the hospital, but serious enough to stay and have visitors. I think having a baby was a perfect reason. :) We had five different "sets" of visitors, all bearing flowers or chocolates, or drinks from Starbucks, or pizza, it was so much fun!! (now you may all tell me how silly I am :P)

Stephen thought it would be fun for him and our baby to have matching tuques to wear in the hospital, so he asked me to make them. Finally, on Ian's due date (Monday) I got all the supplies I needed, and finished sewing them up just a few hours before we left for the hospital! It was so worth it though, I think the picture of my boys is absolutely adorable! I love watching Stephen and Ian cuddle together, or seeing Stephen wrap Ian up so tightly and snuggly that he stops crying and goes to sleep almost immediately!

It's so hard to believe that our baby is already eight days old! He is so precious! I'm still in awe over how he came to be in the first place. How he started out so tiny and developed and grew and he's now a little person!

It's amazing to me to think of how he's going to grow up. He'll be his own person with his own likes and dislikes, his own personality. I can't wait to keep getting to know him, to help train him up in the way he should go.....

Thank You God for the miracle of life! Thank You for allowing me to be part of it! To God be the glory!


  1. Oh he's such a beautiful baby! Congratulations to the new parents! I am looking forward to being able to meet and hold our new bundle in a few months!

  2. Um, so why has no one left a comment yet on this beautiful post? =P

    Seriously, you are such a lovely Mom. It just tickles me that you made the touques for Stephen and Ian, love them. No froggy fleece this time?

    And I am totally with you on the whole visitors in the hospital thing, I was bummed that we couldn't and I think babies are the perfect excuse. And I don't think you're silly, I think you're cute. And I love you and I miss you like crazy and I can't wait to see you. And Ian. And Stephen.

  3. Oh Caleigh, you have such a beautiful way of putting things! Ian looks likes like such an adorable infant. God truely is amazing! Blessings on you all!!!

    ~ Emilie

  4. You really have a gift with words Caleigh! How amazing is new life so fresh with thumbprints of the Creator. Ian is so precious! Congrats again, and keep writing!

  5. After all that you said All I can say is Amen :)

  6. Caleigh, I loved, loved reading this!! All the pictures are so beautiful! Love the way you wrote it. =) Ian is a very handsome fellow. Looking forward to, Lord willing, meeting him in Oct! Love you so much!