Sunday, September 19, 2010

Three Weeks

It's hard to believe that it's been three weeks already! Three weeks of enjoying our baby, three weeks of learning, of recovering, of figuring out what the new normal is, three weeks of watching my baby change and grow so fast! Some of it has been so intense, even though I had six younger brothers, I don't remember any of them crying as much as Ian can! :P One's perspective changes hugely when you're the parent instead of the sibling. Ian is such a beautiful, precious little man, it's hard to imagine life without him! Stephen and I were two for a year, now we're three, and it feels so right. :)

He's so amazingly peaceful when he sleeps, I love to sit and watch him as he sleeps. To see his little face change expressions, sometimes a frown, sometimes he puckers up as if to cry, but then thinks better of it, and his face relaxes into blissful peace. He sometimes smiles in his sleep, and I just want to hold him and love him! He is the most adorable little guy when he smiles! :)
When Ian is awake, he nearly always has this expression, almost as if he's still so shocked over what the world is really like, he just can't get over it! :P
My little cuddly boy......I just love little boys, especially when they're mine! :)

Stephen and I finally just a few more pieces of furniture to help complete our living room! A bookcase, a lamp, and a desk. It was particularly thrilling to me because I love to have things organized and tidy and beautiful, and it's so much easier with a few simple pieces of furniture! Now our living room is so much more cozy, and I still get a little thrill of delight when I come in and see it all!
I love being home, and making things look nice. In the few weeks before Ian was born, I was having so much fun reading (and looking at the pictures! :P) different interior decorating books. I get so inspired when I read books like that, it makes me want to redo everything and make things as nice as they can possibly be! I have so much to learn in that area, but it's so much fun to learn!


  1. Hahaha, AWESOME pictures of Ian! I love the expressions! :D

  2. He's so aware and checking things out, it sure doesn't take long. What does he weigh now he looks so big!
    Your place looks awesome and inviting :)
    We are all so blessed :)

  3. He's probably over 10 lbs now. He was 9lbs 15oz last time he was weighed. :)