Monday, September 27, 2010

Our Houseboat Trip....

A couple months ago, Stephen came in and asked me how I would like to go on a houseboat trip. Of course I said I'd totally love it, but knowing that such trips are rather on the pricey end of things, and people such as ourselves probably wouldn't be able to afford it.

He then told me about how his boss had arranged for a houseboat trip for all the people at Beacon Studios (the place where he works)….and that I was also invited, along with our baby! I was soooooo stoked! I've wanted to go on a houseboat for years, and to finally have the opportunity was thrilling!

As the time grew closer, and Ian was born, I began having a few doubts, wondering if I was totally stupid to even consider bringing a tiny, month old baby onto a boat that wasn't that big. Ian was beginning to cry more and louder, and I was afraid of everyone finding him annoying, and myself just being cooped up in our little bedroom the entire trip.

But, I decided we could do it, and I knew Stephen was always there when I needed him with Ian.

Definitely a good decision. :)

Our houseboat trip was so amazing, so relaxing, so much fun! It almost felt like a second honeymoon….a second honeymoon on a boat with 10 other people. And one that included our baby. But you get the idea. :)

The scenery along the way was so beautiful! I've always been a BC girl at heart, even when we were living in Alberta, but a trip like this just adds to my love for this beautiful province! The trees, the clouds, the mountains, the rocks, the was soooooo gorgeous!

In spite of all my fears, this little guy did sooooo well on the boat! He wasn't too fussy, he slept well, and since he's just getting to the point where he loves just looking around and exploring the world with his eyes, he definitely got a feast to look at! We had one special evening together, standing on the back of the boat in the moonlight, and I was talking away to him about everything, he was so happy and content just resting in my arms. It was such a priceless moment to share with him!

He definitely had his times of crying, screaming and fussing, but I was so blessed by the other three ladies on the trip, they all helped hold him at different times, so that Stephen and I could spend time together, and do fun stuff. It made the trip even better!

This was definitely one of my favorite places on the boat! :) There's nothing like sitting in a nice hot tub as the houseboat slowly moves through the lake, feeling the cold (sometimes very cold) wind on your face, enjoying the mountains as you drift by them, talking and laughing with friends, cuddling up with Stephen....too much fun!

Another highlight was watching a movie with Stephen (and Linda, Beacon's secretary/administrator) one of the nights. I think the rest of the guys were out on the beach with a campfire, and I had gotten Ian to sleep, and didn't really feel like going anywhere. So we put on a movie that Stephen had brought and watched it together. In spite of there being twelve people on the boat, we definitely got some really nice "alone time" which made it all the more special.

Stephen and I were so blessed to have a little cabin to ourselves, especially because it came with a private bathroom and shower! It was all very small, but definitely big enough! I found myself thinking about all the immigrants that came over to North America on ships, all the ladies that had little babies like I did, and how the living conditions were so much worse for them! We are so blessed with all that we have!

The whole crew! It was really neat to get to know everyone at Beacon a little better. You really see a different side of someone when you're playing Dutch Blitz with them, or joking together in the hot tub. I really enjoyed being able to relax and have fun with these people!


  1. How fun!! I liked the pictures of you and Stephen :-) I also enjoy thinking about how much more we have than our ancestors... and sometimes even pretending that I am living back then :-P

  2. So fun seeing these pictures, Caleigh!! Looks like you had such a wonderful time. I love how you write, and I love seeing the way you and Stephen enjoy life so much. What a special holiday it was for you both. Little Ian is so sweet. I love your profile picture on FB. So Sweet!! Love, Karen Fehr