Saturday, January 8, 2011

Oakly Cottage, Edmonton, and Our Life Now

I've decided to call our home Oakly Cottage. It doesn't exactly look like it from the outside, but once you enter, it's totally a cottage. :)
As you open the door, you will be greeted by our welcome sign on the far wall. To your left, is our living room, and behind the curtains, our coat closet.
And this beautiful kitchen, with its' dark wood and black appliances, is so classy and fun to cook in!
Beauty is in the details.....I borrowed this idea from a beautiful home I used to go to for Bible study. I love using nature to decorate! Leaves, pinecones, branches, elvish. :) Our mantle, above our fireplace.

The view from our living room windows (three, large, tall windows!) I find it fascinating how anything, even something that's normally ugly, can become a thing of beauty, when covered, or even lightly dusted with snow.
My favorite little boy! He loves watching the snowflakes falling. He isn't always very cuddly, he loves to be very active, but he does love just being wrapped in a blanket, in comforting arms, standing by the window watching the snow fall.

Our main bathroom....
Office, etc. room :)
To be Ian's room eventually....
And our Very Cozy Living Room!
In the five days that we've been here, I've already grown very attached to this home! Everything is so nice and new about it, and it feels like home! And, in spite of enjoying country life, I have to say, I really like living in the city! :) We have like 4 Starbucks within about 15 minutes! :P God has really blessed us with this home!


  1. Just love it! And I must admit that I love the fact that you are much closer---not to mention in the same vicinity as my sister. Cherished memories are already being formulated in my imagination. Hope to see it soon! ;-)

  2. Absolutely beautiful!!! Love it :)

  3. Very nice place! quite cottage like :) I really like the dark wood in the kitchen :D

  4. What a beautiful home. Like your decorating style. I'm so glad you are near for a while. Life is good when you are in the same Province as a Caleigh.

  5. How lovely! I especially like that fireplace/mantle.. very romantic, and adds such charm to that front room! I'd love to enjoy that warm fire, sitting in that cosy rocking chair, perhaps reading for awhile at night, with a hot cup of tea:) It's appealing to have decorations like those leaves and such that inevitably change through each season! May your family and house be blessed while you're there:)

  6. Have we an epidemic on our hands? =P

    Very cool! Welcome to back Alberta! =)

  7. Oh, how lovely!! I'm so glad you feel at home here :-)

  8. What a beautiful house! Have fun making it your home!