Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hello World, We're in Edmonton Now!

I haven't been posting a lot lately, because our life has taken some different, unanticipated turns, and we didn't want to say too much to anyone until our current life plans were slightly more concrete.

Firstly, we're no longer British Columbians. For the next six months, Stephen, Ian and I are temporary citizens of the wild and wonderful province of Alberta, Edmonton, to be exact.

Secondly, the reason that we're in Alberta is that Stephen has a new job here.

Thirdly, all of this was confirmed about two days after Christmas.

Meaning, in the last two weeks, we have: returned home to BC (we were at my parents' home for Christmas), loaded up the truck with boxes, finished all the cleaning of our apartment, driven back out to Alberta, looked for a home, found a home, moved in to our home, and are now attempting to bring the level of sanity somewhere back to where it ought to be!

It's actually pretty amazing how it all worked out! It was a little nerve wracking (alright, quite nerve wracking) to be driving out to Alberta, on the road, knowing that we didn't have a home to go to. Some good friends graciously offered their home to us to stay while we looked, otherwise, we might have been out on the streets!

It was a huge lesson to me in trusting God. I knew He would provide a home for us, but there were some times it was very discouraging. We looked so many different places, and couldn't seem to find anything that was suitable.

But God did provide a home for us. An adorable, cottage-like home, it even has a fireplace! I prayed for a fireplace in our new home. :) It was really exciting to see God answer that little prayer for me!

We're still in the midst of unpacking and setting up, but we have two friends with us, they're practically family now, and they not only helped us with the packing and moving, they're staying with us for a month, and they've been a Huge help in setting up! I know I couldn't have done it without them! :)

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