Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I love Christmas! I love all of our special Christmas traditions, and how they've changed and grown in number over the years! I love how Christmas is still Christmas, in spite of the huge changes that have taken place in our family over the past few years. It's all still special, and traditions have even more meaning now than they did ten years ago.
I still got that thrill of coming up the stairs to the Christmas tree, all decked out with lights and ornaments, surrounded by piles of presents, gift bags on the stairs, 15 to be exact. (to be used in place of stockings, until we get those!) I love eating our Christmas oranges, drinking hot chocolate, while Dad reads the Christmas story.
It was so special to be home for Christmas, and to be with Stephen, and to have Ian! I think he quite enjoyed his first Christmas, in spite of sleeping through the last half of opening presents. (one of the perks of being his mom is that I get to open twice as many gifts! :P)
We had the most amazing breakfast, and have been spending the day so far relaxing, playing games, reading, sleeping, talking, laughing, listening to music....I love Christmas day!
I was incredibly blessed this year by so many fantastic gifts! I had so much fun watching people open the gifts I had picked out as well, there's such a thrill in knowing that you've gotten someone something that you know they'll love!
It's been so special to have this week with my family to truly relax and enjoy time with them. Our life has been so busy lately with some big changes coming up - more on those later - so it's been extra special to have this time!

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