Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ian's Baby Shower

Now that I finally have a few moments to sit down and jot out a blog post, I'd like to tell you about the most amazing baby shower I have ever been too! Mom Casson put it on for us, and she so thoughtfully did it while my mom was here so she could participate in it as well!
As we drove up to the Casson's home, the fence that lined the driveway was populated with bright balloons of orange, yellow and blue. The house itself was decked out with ballons and a fun blue poster declaring, "It's A Boy!"
The evening started off with the beautiful strains of a string quartet, compliments of the Stoney family. It was so special because they played at our wedding as well! The majority of the shower took place outside, on the balcony at Cassons. The evening air was perfect, warm, but not hot, with a slight breeze.

This was an amazing "diaper cake" that a few of the ladies put together! It was so cool! Diapers, towels, washcloths, toys, soothers, baby was so much fun to see everything that they crammed in it!

I had so much fun opening all the gifts! The first game everyone played was a guessing game. Each lady wrote down ten things she thought I would receive throughout the course of the evening, and the first lady to reach her goal won.

I was so blessed by tons of gifts! We got so many of the things I had been hoping for, and so many adorable things for Ian to grow into! :)

Mom Casson had the fun idea of getting everyone who attended to sign a page for Ian's scrapbook as a memory page. The ladies put down little tidbits of advice and encouragement which were so much fun to read over after the shower! Things like that mean so much to me, I really treasure them!

Okay, this was one of the most amazing parts of the whole shower! Mom C recruited the talents of my wonderful friends, Moriah and Chloe, to handle the decorating and layout of the food. The pictures are!
They even brought fresh flowers from their field, in the brightest colors that I love!

My amazing mother in law who put it all together, and Mrs. Denhollander.
It was such a special evening, I was so blessed by the many ladies who came, and by those who wanted to come but weren't able to. I have been thinking about how awesome it is to live surrounded by godly mothers and ladies who are farther along the road than I am. What a privilege it is for me to learn from them, and to be encouraged by their experience! So many girls starting out have so much less than me, and although I take so many of my blessings for granted, I'm beginning to realize how blessed I am.
It's so easy to feel like we deserve what we have, and more! It's so easy to feel like we're owed all the good things we have. I say we, but I don't really know about all of you, I just know that it's true for me. This is an area that God is showing me my huge weakness in. I have been given so much, much more than I deserve!


  1. Everything looked so lovely, and the food looked divine! I would have loved to have come! :-) We'll be having to plan a baby shower for Sarah in a few months as well!

    Btw, if you have a moment, you should check my blog :-)

  2. It was a most wonderful shower, and I was very thankful to be included in such a special day :) Everything was just awesome. Thank you

  3. Ah how special! It's fun seeing you in pictures as a Momma!