Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pretty and Simple

Have you ever gotten a really good idea for something, maybe a decorating idea, a sewing project, an organizing idea, and thought to yourself how easy it would be, or how much you'd just love to do something like that....and then you Never Do It?
I have. Many, many times.  It's one of the things that bugs me about myself. :P
Often my excuse has to do with money, or time, or, the best one - I just never get around to it.
One of my goals is to conquer this weakness of mine, by tackling projects, big and little that catch my attention, and finishing them.  Sometimes they're as simple as buying a pretty glass jug to put my dish detergent in.  

I saw this idea about two years ago, and I thought to myself how elegant it looked.  It turns an everyday, ordinary thing into something beautiful.  And it's no more difficult to use, it's just as practical.  It's a little embarrassing that something that simple took that long.
Second hand shops are a fabulous place to things like this, by the way!  Beautiful and expensive do not always go hand in hand!

A simple wooden picture frame with stiff aida cloth inserted inside, and picture nails nailed along the bottom make a great jewelry display/organizer! 

Another project that I've wanted to do for years is to figure out some way to store my jewelry, other than a little bag in the cupboard.  I've grown rather tired of untangling a mass of necklaces every time I want to accessorize a little!  I saw an idea similar to this at anther friend's house, and thought it was brilliant.  Why not display jewelry at the same time as organizing and storing it?!   That way, you can enjoy all the pieces even when you're not wearing them!
I'm discovering more and more how important it is to me that the things surrounding me be both beautiful and useful.  A plastic bin will organize toys just fine, but a basket Looks so much nicer!  And it accomplishes the same thing!   An empty plastic yogurt container and a glass jar can both serve to store dry things in the cupboard, but the jar looks so much nicer! (In my opinion, if yogurt containers fit better with your style, go for it! :P)
I have several more projects in the works that I'd love to share with you once they're done!  It's actually pretty addicting, once you start attempting new projects, and trying out new ideas!


  1. Love it :-) I was about to take a picture of Momma's kitchen soap holder for my blog, but my camera's batteries died. Thanks to your post, I remembered :-P

  2. So, true I'm the same. I love both of those ideas. I just might use them I hope you don't mind haha :)

  3. No, of course I don't mind! :) I borrowed the ideas myself. :) Sharing creativity is so much fun!