Friday, November 5, 2010

San Antonio - Part 2

We had so many little adventures among our travelling, some of them a little more nerve-wracking, some of them were just funny. We arrived in the San Antonio airport around 8:30, Texas time. We were tired and very hungry, and didn't have a super good idea of what we were doing at that point.
When I booked the hotel, they said something about a shuttle that would come from the airport, and in my ignorance, I somehow assumed it would be directly outside the door, ready to take us to our hotel, oh yes, and of course it would be Free!
Well, that wasn't the case. After lugging all our bags and the stroller outside into the very humid Texas evening, we realized that the shuttles are not only Not free, they were actually quite expensive, and if we even wanted to take one, they would have to call for it, it wasn't waiting for us.
Then a very nice taxi driver assured us that taking the taxi was much cheaper, and the taxis were all lined up, ready to go. So, we took a taxi, and after about ten minutes, we arrived at our hotel. By this time, poor Ian was feeling the same way as Stephen and I, but was expressing his thoughts in a very vocal manner. After getting into the hotel, confirming that we did have reservations, we were finally in our room.
The hotel, called The Menger Hotel, was beautiful! It was pretty much a cross between a really beautiful museum and a hotel. Our room looked like I'm sure it must have looked about a hundred years ago. (in a good way!)

Phone booths in the main hallway of our hotel.

I really wish I'd taken more pictures of our hotel, but unfortunately, I didn't. :P

Just outside our hotel was the River Centre Mall. We walked through it nearly every day to get to the Grand Hyatt Hotel, which is where the Film Academy was being held. We walked along the famous river walk every day, and it was always a treat!

Since it's so warm in San Antonio, there were a lot more outdoor eating places, like this one. Tables over-looking the river walk. There were tons of places to eat along the riverwalk itself too! Stephen and I walked along it one evening, it was amazing! There was live music in some of the restaurants, little lights everywhere, shrubberies and waterfalls, walls, gates, stone steps....I loved it!Starbucks :)
The really don't do it justice!

The Municipal Auditorium, where about half of the movies from the film festival were shown, and where the Jubilee Awards Ceremony took place.
A beautiful little courtyard on the way to the Municipal building. I simply loved all the amazing old building! The architecture was incredible, and everything was so old, and so well kept!
I am quite convinced that San Antonio is one of, if not the very most beautiful city I've ever been to!
My feet got so sore every day from walking (although that was mostly because of the shoes I was wearing :P) but it was so worth it! I love travelling! I love seeing new places, and getting away from everything that's normal. There are so many amazing places in the world, and I'm so grateful that Stephen and I were able to take this trip! We had so much fun together!

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  1. I too love to travel! The pictures you have taken of the hotel are just beautiful maybe next time you three can have an extra two days just for your family to enjoy :) That would be great. Thanks again for the picture's, it's the only way I'm able to see how beautiful it is :)