Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pictures and Such Things!

I'd like share with you some of the pictures from our lovely time in White Rock, along with a very quick update of the rest of our time there!

I love snowy scenes! There is something romantic and cozy about swirling snowflakes, trees dusted with white, the contrast of dark, hard rock, and pure snowflakes....
It was so special to see my Nana again, and introduce her to Ian!
Our room was amazing!
Our first CD display, I quickly set it up before our first concert (1 out of 2) where we sold a whopping six CDs! For a crowd of about 23, it wasn't so bad. :P

A small sample of the itinerary of the concerts....the quartet was definitely the favorite, as well as the main "event" but there were a few piano solos, a family song, string ensemble, and a "two pianos, eight hands" number, which was a lot of fun! :)

They even let me sing a song with them....one of my favorites, What Child Is This? That was a lot of fun! I love singing. :)

Stephen's parents looked after Ian one evening, long enough for Stephen and I to dash down to a local fish and chips place called Moby Dick's, where we had a lovely dinner together.

My baby is wanting my attention now, so I must run. Until next time!

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  1. The snowflakes tonight were beautiful sooo perfect they sparkled like diamonds and when you blew at them they were so light they just swirled away so beautifully..
    I'm sure your nana's day was made when she met little handsome Ian :)