Thursday, November 11, 2010

Leaves, Glorious Leaves!

I love leaves! I love the smell of them. I love the way they turn colors in the fall. I love the way they crunch under your feet when you walk on them. I love seeing them floating to the ground from the trees.
Today was a perfect day for a tree lover! I keep thinking that winter is here, that the leaves will soon be gone, and we'll be left with the mere skeletons of the trees, but every time I go outside, I'm still delighted with the brilliant fall colors, slightly faded though they may be. November is usually a more grey month, although I've always loved it, (my birthday is in November, hence making it one of my favorite months :P) but this November hasn't been too grey at all!
We were at a park today to take pictures. Not of me though. This one was just snapped by my brother in law while other pictures were being taken.
I was taking pictures of my husband and his brothers for their CD that they are making. They're making it, and I'm helping them. :) They've been talking about making a CD for years and years, and I decided it was high time it happened! (They sort of asked me to help get it going, so I did. :P)
It's actually a rather ridiculous project. Not that their singing isn't good - it is! But we're doing the whole CD in two weeks. And when I saw whole, I mean it. Choosing the songs, practicing the songs, recording the songs, taking pictures, designing the cover, getting copies printed......all within two weeks. Yep, it's insane. And not usually how I roll, although I like challenges. :P Next time, I'm hoping for at least two months.

We spent a little while waiting for Stephen's brothers to show up so we brought Ian up front with us to explore the car. He was much happier where he could see us. :)


  1. I couldn't agree with you more! I just love it! exactly how you said it, you've echoed my thoughts:)

    Love the stared down with Ian and Stephen

  2. That is fantastic! I'm so glad to hear that they're finally doing a CD! Let us know when it's out!

    And amen to the Autumn we've been having. It's pretty much the most stellar one I can ever remember!

  3. I totally agree with you about November. For some reason, it's my favorite month too. ;-) We still have some leaves here and I'm savoring them for as long as they'll last.
    Love the pictures. =)