Friday, September 16, 2011

Glimpses of Autumn

Autumn is finally here!  I was completely thrilled yesterday when I opened the curtains of the big picture window in our living room and found myself looking out a tree whose leaves were just beginning to be tipped with red!  I think I could very happily live with autumn all year round. :)  There are so many wonderful things about this time of year!  The colors of orange, gold and red leaves, crisp fresh air, pumpkins, scarves and sweaters, apples fresh from the tree.....
I couldn't resist running out with Ian to the aforementioned tree and picking a few leaf bouquets to decorate my windowsill and table.  Then, I remembered an apple tree I had discovered a few months ago that was behind our yard, so I made my way over to it, through tall grass, with bare feet (I hadn't bothered to put shoes on in my spontaneity :), and found to my delight that there were apples, fully grown on it!  I picked as many as I could juggle between Ian and my leaf bouquets, and brought them back to the house.  

A few days ago, I was feeling extremely impatient that I was still pregnant.  I had been given reason to believe that this baby will probably come early, so I was living through each day like it could be The Day, and I was getting discouraged and a little frustrated when nothing seemed to be happening.
Then I made a decision.  Instead of just waiting for this baby to come, I figured I would just go on with my life, get as much done as I could, and let the baby come whenever.  I know, it's so brilliant. :P  But seriously, it made such a difference!  Instead of over-analyzing every little twinge my body did, and not really making plans to get things done, I started planning beyond just one day again, and really getting excited about some of the projects I wanted to get done. (One of them being finding a good way to preserve beautiful leaves - I'm pretty stoked about that one!)
I hope you're all having a lovely autumn, and preparing to enjoy it as much as I am! :)


  1. Sigh... I *love, love* fall too!!!

    When is your due date? Kelsie was a week overdue... she had her precious Elisabeth Jean on Monday :-)

  2. My due date is tomorrow (September 25), so we'll see what happens. :) With Ian, I went into labor the evening of my due date, so maybe that's what will happen this time!
    That's so exciting about Kelsie! Have you seen Elisabeth yet?

  3. Yes, we have seen Elisabth... she's a little doll! And she looks like Jon :-D Can't wait to see her again the second week in Oct!

    Looking forward to hearing your news!