Saturday, September 24, 2011

Still Waiting....

I know I may be a bit biased, but isn't he the cutest thing!?  Crawling through the grass, with that look of intense concentration on his little face!  
Lately, with the weather being so amazing, and yet not really feeling like driving anywhere, I've been taking a blanket out, spreading it on the lawn and just sitting out there with Ian.  Me crocheting or reading, and him exploring the world!  I love watching him develop every day, and explore new territory.  I think it's so important for children to have that freedom, and I'm so grateful we live in a place where he can crawl all around the grass and look at leaves and trees, and not be in any danger!

Several weeks ago, I had a few things I wanted to have done before this next baby came.  One of them was this afghan that I'm crocheting.  I wonder how much power our words's the day before the  official due date, and I'm still not finished the blanket, and guess what? Baby # 2 has yet to make an appearance! :P  I was finished it, once.  But I was not at all happy with how it looked, and couldn't just let it rest, so I'm in the process of tearing it out, and making it again fresh....this is about the fourth time I've torn it out, or at least a part of it, although this time is different, I'm actually using a pattern this time. :P  I have this perfectionist complex which sometimes makes it difficult to learn new things.  I don't always like how my first attempt at something turns out, I want it to look like I've been doing it for years, without putting in the years first!  I'm getting better though, and I really do love learning new things, it's so empowering, even if it is only a simple crocheted blanket!

 (The re-do is on the left, on the right is the one I'm tearing out) 

For a while now, I've wanted to find the best way of preserving fall leaves in all their glory.  I love them so much, I think I'd decorate my whole home with them if I could!  I've looked up different methods, and I'm currently trying the "glycerin method."  In a few days I should know how they turn out.  

I've been looking for the perfect "slouchy hat" pattern for a long time, I don't think I've quite found it, but this one comes pretty close.  I was pretty happy that I actually finished it, it only took two days, and it was really easy!  
It's been such a good few days lately.  Stephen really encouraged me not to try to do everything every day, just to take it slow, rest lots, and not put oodles of pressure on myself.  It's amazing how freeing it was to hear him say that.  The pressure I feel is always self-inflicted, but to have him verbalize that was so good!  
I've been taking him very literally, sleeping when Ian sleeps, not trying to do too much in a day, and I've been so much more relaxed, less stressed, and even less bothered that the baby isn't here yet.  Obviously, I have moments of being very, very tired of being pregnant, but overall, I've decided that the baby will come when it's ready, and worrying about it won't make it come any faster.  
Well, until next time....


  1. Molly decided to come on the day when I'd planned to get a bunch of things done! :D I made my plan the day before and the next morning I had a baby ^.^ Hope Baby #2 makes an appearance soon! Ian is so cute :)

  2. There have been several days like that for me, where I plan, and get a ton of things done. But by the time evening comes, I've been so exhausted, all I could think was "I hope the baby doesn't come tonight, I'm way to tired to go into labor!" :P So far I've been good, but I want to be careful. :P