Monday, August 8, 2011

Simple Joys

*Flowers and a meadow right outside our yard.....
*Beautiful tall trees in our backyard
*A baby that loves being outside
*Hanging out laundry on the clothesline.....I get such a kick out of seeing all the diapers hung up, don't ask me why! :)
*Cool summer evenings - a welcome relief after the hot days!
*Working out again

*Ian learning to read.....just kidding!  He likes looking at his books though! :)
*Nap times for little boys :)
*Good books to read myself
*Summer fruit
*Finally learning how to drive standard :P

*Homemade fresh cinnamon rolls
*Friends to enjoy them with us
*Reading about health
*Lime sherbet in the summer
*Playing volleyball again

It's the simple things in life.  We sometimes pass them by without even noticing they're there.  How much we miss when we do that!  It's always worth it to take just a second to enjoy the moment, to notice how good something tastes or smells or looks!  Life is so much fuller when you take a little more time! 

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