Friday, May 6, 2011

A little bit of news....

I was feeling particularly "Anne-ish" earlier this evening.  Everything had a sort of storybookish tinge to it. Stephen was taking a nap on the couch after dinner, Ian was happily crawling around on the floor (his newly acquired skill - marine style! :) and I was enjoying a delightful cup of tea, pumpkin pie, and a good book. (it was Anne of Ingleside.....which may have contributed slightly to my "Anne-ish" mood!)  Oh, and did I mention that the sun was in the beautiful spot just before it sets, where it throws a sunny golden glow on everything?!  It's quite magical, actually. :)
Oh, and in case some of you hadn't heard, I'm expecting again!   This little one is due on October 17!
I have to say, I'm so blessed that I don't get sick when I'm pregnant, in fact, for the first couple of months, I sometimes almost forget that I am pregnant! :P  I think sometimes, my emotional whackiness makes up for my physical poor husband. :P  He's very patient with me though, and that helps so much!
I'm so thrilled now with the weather getting warmer and warmer!  I actually got hot on our walk today!  What a wonderful feeling!  And I discovered the most charming path only minutes from our house!  It actually has a red dirt path! :)  (yes, it's the one in the picture. :)  I only wish it were longer, it reminded me of PEI, and the many meandering paths there!  I think, if we're ever rich enough, I'm going to make red dirt paths all over the place where we live, and have paths wandering through the forest in every direction! :)
I hope you all are having a wonderful early summer!


  1. I love that book :)
    Congrats (again) on the happy news!

  2. Congratulations again on the new love coming in October :) Ian has grown so much :) Very handsome. Love the not so long path..very inviting :) I hope this summer doesn't get too hot for you:) keep enjoying your pregnancy :)

  3. Oh Caleigh!!!!!!! YIPPEE!!! :-D
    You DO sound Anne-ish tonight! So fun :-)

  4. congratulations! So excited for you! :-)