Friday, April 8, 2011


One of my favorite things to do is organize.  I find especially now that the weather is turning into spring, there's an insatiable urge to tidy up, minimize and organize everything around me.  I love it when everything is efficient and streamlined, but equally important to me, is that things looks beautiful and welcoming.  I would never want to trade in a beautiful home for an organized one.  And I'm convinced you don't have too!
As you can see, one of my favorite things to use for organizing is baskets.  I have a lot of them, different shapes and sizes, and I use them whenever possible!  If something needs to be out in the open, easily accessible, I like to put it in a basket.  For instance:
Current projects I'm working on
 Ian's toys
 Library books
Other books I'm reading, magazines, borrowed books.

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