Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy New Year!

I know this is a little late for a "New Year's post", but we've been super busy over the last several weeks, with a trip to Alberta, all of us getting sick at various times, and really, with just "normal, everyday life!"

I thought it would be fun to share with you all some of my New Year's resolutions goals.  I don't really get into the whole "resolution" thing, because I like the idea of setting goals better.  I like the idea of improving your life and lifestyle by learning new things and changing old habits, as oppose to the idea that your life is a mess and you have to write down these  "resolutions" to change everything, otherwise, you'll continue to be a failure.  Okay, maybe that's a bit harsh. :)  It's not that bad.  I just like the word goal better. :P
I think I've said before on here how I hate the idea of growing stagnant.  The thought of just "existing" every day, without actually living, makes me shudder!  
One of my ideals would be to always have a "big" project/subject that I'm working on improving in my life, as well as smaller ones (i.e. thing I can accomplish in a day or two).  There are sooooooo many avenues of interest that I have, this is the only way I can hope to cover them all without getting totally burned out!

Specific areas I want to improve on this year:

- Sports: Volleyball (I just joined a ladies' volleyball night, and I'm so excited about getting better!)
- Health - this is such a huge area, and so important!  It can be overwhelming sometimes with all the resources available, and all the "better" ways of doing things!  I want to *gradually* change over things so we're doing them in a better way, without getting totally burned out by trying to do it all at once!
- Sewing - I have this amazing sewing machine, which I haven't even used a tiny bit to it's full potential.  I love the idea of not having to rely solely on other sources for clothes, so this is kind of an exciting goal for me to have!
- Scrapbooking - the best way to improve something is to just do it!  I love displaying photos and memories beautifully, and preserving them, so this is 
- Fitness - work out/walk at least four times a week
- Organizing: Work on each area of my home over the next year, making it beautiful and efficient (definitely one of my favorite things to do!)
- Spiritually: Read my Bible everyday, start memorizing Scripture consistently, have one 'spiritually challenging' book on the go on a regular basis.
-Practically: Build skills that can bring income into our home, and get better at finding deals/shopping second hand, etc. (this one is a little general, I know, but there are specifics that I'm beginning to work on soon, more on them later. :)

So there you have it, a little glimpse into some of my goals. :)  I'm such a "list-maker" and a goal setter, it helps me like nothing to be focused, have direction, and purpose on a regular basis!

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