Sunday, November 20, 2011

24 Random Facts About Me

Since Thursday (November 17) was my birthday, I thought it would be fun to do a "list post" like I've seen a few others do.  I love reading them, and writing things like this are always fun!

1. I love going out for breakfast.

2. I don't like having to wear winter coats, and will avoid them as long as possible, loading on the scarves, hats and gloves instead, to keep warm.

3. One of my favorite ways to spend a few hours is going to a coffee shop, with a good book, or a good friend, or both, and enjoying a delicious coffee specialty drink.

4. I sometimes imagine things so vividly that if they're bad things, I actually start crying because it seems so real to me. 

5. I've never been a huge "baby person", however, I absolutely ADORE my own kidlets! :)

6. I have always wanted to be able to fly: really fly, I mean, without a parachute.  My own personal set of 
wings would be the best, but if I could find a way to fly without them, I would. :P

7. I love dancing in the rain, especially when it's absolutely pouring, and it's been a long day.

8. I really, really like staying up late, and I don't like getting up early.

9. I would love to ride an elephant someday.

10. Cinnamon rolls and coffee are one of my favorite "special" breakfasts.

11. I would love to travel to far away places someday, especially the British Isles, and Europe.

12. I love beauty, I love being surrounded by things that are both beautiful and practical.  I love creating 
beauty, and I love appreciating beauty with others.

13. I sometimes wish we could live in Europe for the lifestyle there, I have a lot of issues with "normal, North American" culture.  Although I use, and enjoy a lot of technology and conveniences, I really don't like it that so many people don't know what it's like to wait for quality, or be able to entertain themselves without some sort of media device.

14. I love cooking, and finding new, delicious recipes to try!

15. If I could be at an olympic level of anything, I would choose to be a gymnast.

16. I love acting, and would love to do it more seriously in the future.

17. Including our upcoming move next week, I will have moved 13 times in my life. 

18. I am very competitive.

19. I am planning to get my motorcycle licence as soon as I can.

20. My favorite animals are horses, elephants and tigers.

21. I want to go ski diving someday.

22. I love falling snow, trees, autumn leaves on the ground, lattes, the smell of rain, new clothes, reading, laughing, making people laugh, chocolate, funky earrings, my family, sports, organizing, singing, music, elves, imagination,

23. I think nose piercings are cute and classy with the right person, and the right jewel.

24. I have the best husband in the whole world. :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Moving Tips

Since this is  the fourth time we've moved in two years, I've gotten pretty practiced at packing up, unpacking, organizing, and generally, not losing my mind in the process!  For fun, I thought I'd share with you some of things I do that make moving a fairly streamlined process.....usually. :)

1. The first thing I do is get rid of stuff.
I have to admit, this is probably my favorite part of the entire process!  There is something so freeing about de-cluttering!  As I go through my house, I look for things that we never use, things that are really just clutter (i.e. a little pillow with a picture of a nest on it that is supposed to hang on the wall - cute, but I know I'll never use it), clothes that don't fit, or are out of style, etc.  I have a bag ready to be filled with things that can be re-used, and sent to a second hand store.

2. I pack up things we won't need for a few months.
This includes toys (I pick a selection of toys to leave out, and pack the rest), cookbooks, kitchen things that I don't use very often, CDs, DVDs, seldom used cosmetics, etc.  I can pack these things well in advance, giving me more time later to clean and pack up the last minute things.

3. I label all my boxes.
I'm sure everyone does this, but I have a specific method that works really well.  I label the top of the box with all the contents, and I label the sides of the box with its destination.  

4. I get free boxes.
Grocery stores and liquor stores are two great places to start!  One note on this, you may want to head to the grocery stores earlier in the day rather than later.  The main place I was planning to get boxes on our last move were very efficient at getting their boxes out of there once they unpacked the contents.

4. I save good boxes.  
Two moves ago, some friends procured some really sturdy boxes for me that were the perfect size for moving.  I have reused them in each consecutive move.  If you have some really awesome boxes, and have the space, save them, you won't regret it!

5. In the last week, I plan out my menus to the letter, so I know exactly what dishes I'll need, and what I can pack.
By doing this, you'll end up with a very few items in your "last minute" boxes.

6. The "last minute, essential" boxes become the "first to unpack" boxes.
These ones usually contain a few dishes/plates/pots etc. that are absolutely necessary.  They will also contain dish soap, cleaning supplies, rags; things that you will be very glad to have without looking too hard!

So those are my two bits, I hope you find them helpful, or at the very least, interesting! :)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Life, as I Now Know It

I've been wanting to sit down and write here for ages now, but the timing has never quite been right.  Mostly because with two little munchkins in my life, I don't have as much time to sit down and thoughtfully write out a blog post. :)   
It's been a crazy whirlwind of ups and downs adjusting to life with two little ones.  Mostly good, but there have definitely been a few, okay, a lot of times when I've felt like a complete failure as a mom, as I lose my patience yet again with my little one year old, and collapse gratefully on the couch when they're both napping.  I can see a lot of personal growth happening as my children grow up. :P  
It's amazing how things change when you have children.  I say children, plural, because when you have just one, it really doesn't slow you down all that much.  There are slight adjustments to be made, of course, but nothing too huge.  At least, I didn't find it that way.  However, two children, when one is a little baby, and the other is just gaining confidence to walk, is another story.  
For instance, a few days ago, I decided to go grocery shopping (first time with two babies!).  I made my decision to go in the morning, thinking that would work better for my day....two and a half hours later, we were all walking/being carried out the door!  There are so many little things, extra laundry, nursing, snacks, diapers to change, floors to wash and sweep repeatedly, dishes to wash....all things that are involved in being a mom.  And honestly, I really love it!  Not all the time, but there are so many times that I take a step back, look at my two darlings, and am just so grateful that I can be at home with them, instead of being compelled by circumstances to work away from home, and spend significantly less time with them!  
I also have a lot of times of wondering, "Does my life count?  Am I really doing something that is good, and useful?  Should I be doing more?"  Self doubting seems to come so naturally, especially as I begin to think deeper about things, and question why I do what I do, and why I think what I think.  Part of me wants to just turn off the questions, and relax back into comfortable, blissful ignorance.  But another part of me cannot let that happen.  I'm so desperate to really live life!  I want to fill my life up with things that matter, things that will last, that will count for something!  Not everything feels significant in and of itself, but I feel like I'm very gradually grasping an idea of what counts, and what doesn't.  
I don't always have the time to sit and just really deeply think about issues.  There are so many "practical, every day" things that need to be done on a consistent basis.  I have a really bad habit of separating my spiritual life from my physical life, and then getting discouraged when I have an extremely busy day, just looking after my family and my home, and don't have the time, energy or brain space to sit down and study my Bible.  Not that that is an excuse to not read and study, but I'm learning that this is a season in my life where I'm busier with babies than I will be later on, and sometimes you just have to snatch moments as they become available, rather than having a set time for "quiet time" and then never actually doing it, because you were too busy changing diapers or doing laundry.  
I'm trying to think of a cohesive way to finish this off, but it would seem that my brain has moved on to other things, so I will just say....until next time!  Thanks for reading! :)