Sunday, November 20, 2011

24 Random Facts About Me

Since Thursday (November 17) was my birthday, I thought it would be fun to do a "list post" like I've seen a few others do.  I love reading them, and writing things like this are always fun!

1. I love going out for breakfast.

2. I don't like having to wear winter coats, and will avoid them as long as possible, loading on the scarves, hats and gloves instead, to keep warm.

3. One of my favorite ways to spend a few hours is going to a coffee shop, with a good book, or a good friend, or both, and enjoying a delicious coffee specialty drink.

4. I sometimes imagine things so vividly that if they're bad things, I actually start crying because it seems so real to me. 

5. I've never been a huge "baby person", however, I absolutely ADORE my own kidlets! :)

6. I have always wanted to be able to fly: really fly, I mean, without a parachute.  My own personal set of 
wings would be the best, but if I could find a way to fly without them, I would. :P

7. I love dancing in the rain, especially when it's absolutely pouring, and it's been a long day.

8. I really, really like staying up late, and I don't like getting up early.

9. I would love to ride an elephant someday.

10. Cinnamon rolls and coffee are one of my favorite "special" breakfasts.

11. I would love to travel to far away places someday, especially the British Isles, and Europe.

12. I love beauty, I love being surrounded by things that are both beautiful and practical.  I love creating 
beauty, and I love appreciating beauty with others.

13. I sometimes wish we could live in Europe for the lifestyle there, I have a lot of issues with "normal, North American" culture.  Although I use, and enjoy a lot of technology and conveniences, I really don't like it that so many people don't know what it's like to wait for quality, or be able to entertain themselves without some sort of media device.

14. I love cooking, and finding new, delicious recipes to try!

15. If I could be at an olympic level of anything, I would choose to be a gymnast.

16. I love acting, and would love to do it more seriously in the future.

17. Including our upcoming move next week, I will have moved 13 times in my life. 

18. I am very competitive.

19. I am planning to get my motorcycle licence as soon as I can.

20. My favorite animals are horses, elephants and tigers.

21. I want to go ski diving someday.

22. I love falling snow, trees, autumn leaves on the ground, lattes, the smell of rain, new clothes, reading, laughing, making people laugh, chocolate, funky earrings, my family, sports, organizing, singing, music, elves, imagination,

23. I think nose piercings are cute and classy with the right person, and the right jewel.

24. I have the best husband in the whole world. :)


  1. I love this list! I'll go skydiving with you anytime :)

  2. Loved it!! I agree with 1,3,5,7,9,10,11,12,13,14,22,23, case you wanted to know. ;-)=P
    22 is SO you by the way. And we should keep talking about 23. I think January or February. =)