Monday, December 19, 2011

Growing Roots

(Our living room, taken from our dining room.)

I don't know if it's because we're planning to stay here in Kamloops for a few years;
I don't know if it's because I spent a very happy childhood here in Kamloops;
I don't know if it's because our home is really nice;
I don't know if it's because I already have friends here;

I'm really, really happy here.  I've like every place we've lived in so far, every house, every area, but there's something different about Kamloops.  I'm not even sure what it is.  I think it's the feeling of security and stability that comes with having plans to stay.  Plans can change, as we've experienced a lot of different times, but I feel like here I can really put my roots down, and grow a little! :)

I feel like things are finally settling down a little bit for us, and we can figure some things out, and set things in place.  I  like moving, I really do.  But I think I'm ready to be done now for a while.  You don't realize how exhausting it is to pack and unpack, and completely set up a new home, routine, daily life, until you do it four times in a row!  

I've learned a lot about myself through out all of our moves, and that's been fun. :P
*I like things to be really organized, in every area
*I'm pretty minimalistic (okay, I already knew this about me, but I think it's gotten better {worse? :P} )
*I love things to be both useful and beautiful
*Atmosphere is very important to me
*I love turning ordinary things (like breakfast, for instance) into something special when we have the time
*I love DIY projects that enhance either organization, beauty or both
*I very much prefer quality over quantity
*I love being in the country
*I love being in the city. :)
 (I think right now, I prefer city over country, the convenience is awesome! :P)

I hope you all are having a beautiful "week-before-Christmas"and taking time to enjoy all the little moments that often go unnoticed - but when enjoyed, give your life a beautiful fullness!


  1. After growing up in the country, in the suburbs, and then in a small town - I have to say I'm really enjoying city living, too!
    I'm minimalistic as well, had to be since we lived in one room for the first year of being married :p

  2. Glad you're feeling at home! This reminds me...we should get together soon! :)

  3. Wonderful post Caleigh. We love having you and your sweet little ones here too! Can't wait to meet your husband one of these days as well! Welcome home. :D Karen

  4. Your home looks awesome, you two sure have come a long way from Vernon when you started out haha I remember the little bits of furniture. Your place looks very homey! :)
    Enjoy while your roots spread out :)

  5. Hey Jill! We should totally get together soon! I have a lot of card/scrapbooking projects on the go, it would be so much fun to have you over for an afternoon of creating! :P (especially because you seem to have an abundance of creative juices, and I like stealing ideas! :P)
    Mrs. Epp - Thanks! It was great seeing you guys on Sunday again! I'm so glad to be back here!