Monday, July 25, 2011

Whistler Highlights

Recently, (four days after we moved, to be precise :P) Stephen and I got to go to Whistler BC, for a week alone together!  It was such a treat to get away, especially after all the craziness of late, and just have some time to relax, catch up on sleep, enjoy some amazing nature, and spend time together.  
There were so many delightful little things about our time, I wanted to share some of them with you, along with some snapshots I took along the way......

 * Getting time alone with this guy.... it was like a second honeymoon! :)
*Being flexible and having fun when plans changed, sometimes drastically!
 *Seeing amazing displays of nature, like the Brandywine Falls
*Driving through more of BC, being in awe of what a beautiful province we live in!
*Really good visits, with awesome relatives!

 *Water is one of my favorite things in nature to see, and there were an abundance of streams, big and little to feast my eyes on! :)
*Seeing the ocean again

 *The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Company. Enough said.
*Wandering around Whistler Village
*Getting an "arm massage" in Lush, seriously, I felt so relaxed for the next hour at least! :)
 *Staying at The Aspens.  So beautiful!
*Coffee shops around Whistler
 *Taking three hours one day to go to the top of Blackcomb Mountain via chair lift.  The scenery was amazing! 

 *We saw four black bears, plus two cubs!  
 *Being surrounded by breathtaking mountains
*Journalling at Starbucks
*Walking and talking with Stephen, enjoying being together

 *This made me smile. :)
 *Riding the "Peak to Peak Gondola," the longest gondola in the world!  Oh, and we rode on the one with the glass bottom, so we got an amazing view down, not just out the windows!
 *Cozy, rainy days, spent walking around, and inside fun little shops.
*Eating breakfast at a funky little bakery: cinnamon rolls and of my top favorite breakfasts!
*The view from our balcony....
*Swimming in the pool
*Visiting more awesome relatives in Victoria on the way home
*Seeing a lacrosse game for the first time
*Seeing Victoria for the first time
*Coming home to our baby - I have to admit, I've never been that excited to come home from a vacation! :) 

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