Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ramblings from my Life

(Taken on our honeymoon, on PEI)

Today's one of those lazy days where you don't have to do anything, and it's okay to just sleep in, relax, get things done, or not. Stephen's home today, which means I got to make a nice breakfast for the two of us, and we got to enjoy Ian more together.

I love weekends, especially weekends in fall!

I went for a walk with Ian during the afternoon. We have a little mountain right across the road from us, it rises above Vernon, and provides an amazing panoramic view of the entire city! I love going up there and thinking, talking aloud as I mull through things. It feels like everything's more clear when I go up there, looking down on the city, and all the busyness, but not really a part of it.

On the way back, I collected some of the amazing fall leaves that are on so many trees around here. I'm having fun collecting leaves and pressing them, getting them ready for who knows what! Cards, wall decor, table decor, and anything else I can think of.

I simply adore autumn! I love the colors, the weather, having jars filled with canning, harvest from the garden, fresh apples....

Stephen, Ian, and I just got back from a trip to Alberta, Ian's very first big road trip! It was such a good time! Unfortunately, we didn't get any pictures the whole time we were gone, but the memories are still there.

The drive out to Alberta was like driving in a post card for 6 hours! The trip through the Rockies was amazing! The dark green of the trees that carpeted the mountains were brightened by the golden orange of trees turning to their autumn colour. The blue sky was laced with gauzy, white clouds, and when we stopped the car, a slightly cool breeze was just enough to cool and refresh. It was one of those trips that felt almost like something out of a story book, I hardly wanted it to end, except that I knew at the end of the journey were friends, family, and an amazing weekend!

I wasn't disappointed. The saying, "absence makes the heart grow fonder," really is true! It was so good to see my family again, and my "extended family" of the fellowship that I was part of when I lived in Southern Alberta. The weekend was such a good one! Although I missed most of the teaching (for some reason, Critical Thinking didn't intrigue Ian enough that he would quietly sit through the sessions! :P), I was able to take some of it in, and the visiting I got in with friends was so satisfying, along with the games of volleyball I got to play! :P

Our trip back was so good too! After the weekend, it felt so good to have some alone time to just talk and enjoy each other's company. Ian was such a good traveller, and slept most of the way home.

Not having a camera handy, I tried to take mental snapshots of the scenery. I got to drive for a few hours in the Rockies, and as Stephen and Ian slept, it was like time slowed down and I just revelled in the beauty that surrounded me. The sun was beginning to go down, but it hadn't quite started to get dark yet. Everything around me was touched with golden sunlight, and with the mountains towering on either side, trees surrounding me with beautiful colors, the sky a pale blue with clouds floating across was one of those moments that you almost wish could last forever because it's so beautiful.

But such moments do come to an end. And life does move on. And now we're back to ordinary life....for a little bit, until we start preparing in earnest for our next big adventure...only this one takes us to Texas for the San Antonio Christian Film Festival!

So that's a little snapshot of my life right now. One thing I love about writing is that sometimes it's so easy to be discouraged about things, or feel like things are nowhere close to where they should be, but when I write, I sometimes realize just how much I have to be thankful for! I've been struggling with ungratefulness lately, feeling so discontent with the way things are, and yet I have so much! It's so good to sometimes have a quiet time to just take a step back and re- focus on the way things really are.

So I think I shall sign off, enjoy a delicious cup of tea, and get some things done around my little home while Ian is still sleeping. :)

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  1. It's so nice just to ramble for a while! :-) Make sure you bring a camera to the festival!